Our Story

Who We Are:

We produce quality wines.

The Wine is produce with the focus on heritage.
Purchasing Our Wines You will experience a piece of South Africa’s rich history in every bottle and You will also have a helping hand in building the brand and leaving a legacy in the wine industry.

Miranda Abrahams is a proudly South African business woman who was born in Constantia on a farm with grape vineyards, where her mother used to eat a lot of grapes when she was pregnant with Miranda.

After being removed during Apartheid Era to a disadvantage area and many years of adversity.
God gave Miranda and her family the gift to become winemakers and they ventured into the wine industry.

Miranda was born with two birthmarks on her legs one in the shape of Africa and the other one a bunch of grapes, which was replicated into the logo and named it “Birthmark Of Africa™ Wines” which link the past and the present to “a true destiny story”. ©2018

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Giving Back / Pay It Forward

We are passionate about giving back to our communities and the less fortunate. One way  in which we give back is to pay it forward. A percentage of all sales generated from our M.C.C and Sparkling wines are donated to various organizations to help meet the goals we set out for uplifting and empowering people of all walks of life. We believe that each and everyone of us can make a difference and a positive contribution towards enriching others lives.